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Filing Your Case

Important Information

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For more information on filing your case, please refer to Filing Your Lawsuit in Federal Court: A Pro Se Guide (PDF).

Initiating Documents

In order to file your case in federal court, you must first ensure you have the proper forms. In order for the court to assign a judge and case number to your filings, we will need, at a minimum, the following documents.


Submitting Your Documents

Your filing can be submitted to the Clerk's Office in person, through the mail, or via e-mail at the following addresses (e-mailed submissions must be in PDF format with each of the above documents as a separate file).


Filing Documents Under Seal

  • Per Civil Local Rule 5(g)(9), you cannot electronically file documents under seal through ECF.
  • You must first seek permission from the Court to file sealed documents, in the form of a Motion to Seal, Proposed Order, and a Declaration or Affidavit supporting your Motion. These documents can be electronically filed through ECF under the Motions and Supporting Documents category.
  • The Motion to Seal should provide a specific description of those documents or categories of documents you wish to protect.


If Sealed Permission Is Granted

  • Each document to be filed under seal must be submitted in hard copy and submitted in a separate envelope, clearly identifying the enclosed document and stating that the document is “FILED UNDER SEAL". For example:
    • If both the motion and the accompanying affidavit should be filed under seal, the two documents must be submitted in separate, clearly marked envelopes so that each may be entered on the docket.
    • If only one exhibit or document needs to be filed under seal, only that exhibit or document should be submitted in an envelope.