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News & Announcements: 03/2017


Access Chief Judge Martinez' Order on Magistrate Judge Donohue's Report and Recommendation here.
Access Judge Donohue's Report and Recommendation to Chief U.S. District Judge...


Please see the attached general order, signed March 17th, 2017, regarding the designation of court opinions.  


The video recording for the proceedings in Ali, et al vs. Trump, et al (17-CV-135-JLR), held on March 15th, 2017, has been uploaded onto the US Courts Cameras in the Courtroom website. The video may be found by...


The video and jury instructions on this page were created by a committee of judges and attorneys and will be presented to jurors with the intent of highlighting and combating the problems presented by...


Please see the attached General Order, signed March 2nd, 2017, adopting the Amended Criminal Justice Act plan approved by the Judicial Council on February 16th, 2017.