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Using the Document Camera

The court is currently in the process of upgrading courtroom technology. This page covers not-yet-upgraded courtrooms, which include all Tacoma courtrooms except for that of Judge Ronald B. Leighton. If you are appearing before Judge Leighton or any Seattle judge, please see the upgraded technology pages.

The document camera is used to display documents as well as other small items to the monitors in the courtroom.


  1. Verify that the Camera Power is on – There is a Green Light that will illuminate next to the power button.
  2. Verify that the External Lamps are on- There is a button for Lamps on the front control panel of the document camera.
  3. Verify that the lens cover has been removed from the camera lens.
  4. Place document on white platform of camera.
  5. Select “Document Camera” as the AV source on the Wireless Control Panel.
  6. Zoom in/out on the document as necessary.
  7. Focus In/Out on the document as necessary or select “AF” which is “Auto Focus” (Suggested).
  8. Adjust Iris +\- if additional or less light is needed on the document (this usually does not need adjustment).
Document camera controlsDocument camera


Courtroom Technology (Legacy)

For requests or other help with courtroom technology, please contact your courtroom deputy. He or she will contact IT personnel if necessary.