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Internet Access

The court is currently in the process of upgrading courtroom technology. This page covers not-yet-upgraded courtrooms, which include all Tacoma courtrooms except for that of Judge Ronald B. Leighton. If you are appearing before Judge Leighton or any Seattle judge, please see the upgraded technology pages.

A limited number of internet connections for attorney use are available in all courtrooms. In general, judges allow use of the internet during proceedings as long as its use does not disrupt proceedings and it is not used during jury selection. Recording or transmitting of courtroom activities is prohibited. Please check with the courtroom deputy for additional details.

In Seattle, internet connections are wired at the attorney tables along with wireless. Attorneys will be given the password to connect their laptop to this service, so please check with your courtroom deputy.

Internet access in Tacoma courtrooms is wireless only. Attorneys are responsible for configuring their laptop to connect to the Internet. Instructions are provided at courtroom technology training.

Courtroom Technology (Legacy)

For requests or other help with courtroom technology, please contact your courtroom deputy. He or she will contact IT personnel if necessary.