Constitution Day

2014 Constitution Day Events


Wednesday, September 17th


Tuesday, September 16th

For additional resources and information about Constitution Day, visit the U.S. Courts web site.

Constitution Day is observed nationally every year on or about September 17, pursuant to a Congressional mandate that schools receiving federal funding provide education about the Constitution to commemorate the principles and practices protected and provided for in the Constitution. Schools can determine what kind of educational program they want, but they must hold one every year on “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day”.

This year, the Western District of Washington and the Federal Bar Association of Washington will hold Constitution Day events for local schools on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 in Tacoma and Wednesday September 17, 2014 in Seattle. Two sessions per day will be conducted for 5th grade classes at each courthouse, including a tour of the courthouse, a visit with the Marshal’s Service, and a mock trial coordinated by the local attorneys from the Federal Bar Association. The program is approximately 2 hours long. 

If you know of a 5th grade class interested in participating in this year's program, please contact or call 206-370-8483.


Other Resources

Mock Trial Script
Designed to be completed in one 50 minute class period, this mock trial is appropriate for grades 6-12. This is an interesting case which challenges students to focus on objective information.

Consent Form for Use of Photographs (PDF)