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If you live at least 60 miles one-way from the U. S. District Courthouse, you may stay in a hotel prior to any day that you are required to report for jury duty. This includes the night before your first reporting date. Please consider spending the night if you are eligible and think you might otherwise be late.

Hotels near the Seattle courthouse | Hotels near the Tacoma courthouse


The reimbursement rate for Seattle is $241.00 per night. For Tacoma, it is $184.00 per night.

We will pay you this rate to cover your expenses, regardless of how much you actually spend for meals and lodging. In addition, hotel taxes will be fully reimbursed. If you choose to stay at a family member or friend's home rather than in a hotel, a flat rate of $74.00 will be paid instead for Seattle and $64.00 for Tacoma.

Immediate reimbursement on the day you report is NOT available. Therefore, it is important that you have enough cash or a credit card available to cover costs. We will mail you a reimbursement check within two weeks of the end of your jury service. Please contact the jury staff right away if you have questions or concerns about the reimbursement of your expenses.


Making hotel arrangements
You are responsible for making your own hotel arrangements. You may stay anywhere you’d like within the city.  When making reservations, explain that you are reporting for federal jury duty and ask if a government rate is available. If so, bring your summons when you check-in as the hotel clerk may request to see it as verification.

  • Please check out of your hotel on the first morning of jury service since you will not know yet if you'll be chosen to serve on the trial as a juror. 
  • Do not make hotel reservations for multiple nights until you know for sure whether you are selected to serve on a trial since the hotel may charge you for a late  cancellation. 
  • If you choose to book in advance for non-refundable reservations using any of the online travel web sites, we will only reimburse you for the actual nights you are authorized to stay at a hotel.