New Citizen Welcoming Ceremonies

The court is pleased to invite children who are new citizens and their families to a ceremony of their own in the federal courthouse. While these children automatically become citizens upon the naturalization of their parent or guardian, the court's optional ceremony is designed specifically to celebrate the child and his or her new citizenship. The event is free of charge and consists of a presentation by several of the court's judges, a swearing-in ceremony and a presentation of a welcome certificate. Pictures of previous events are available here.

The next welcoming ceremony is scheduled for Friday, April 17th, 2015 at 3:00PM in the Tacoma Courthouse. The Honorable Ronald B. Leighton is presiding for the ceremony. If you would like to register your child or have other questions, please contact Johanna Moody at or (206) 370-8852.

Please note that these events are for ceremonial purposes only and do not have a legal function. If you need help with immigration or naturalization issues, please contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).



Visiting the courthouse

As the ceremony will be in the courthouse, please remember the following building rules:

  • All visitors 18 and over must show a photo ID to enter the courthouse. Children do not need an ID if accompanied by an adult.
  • All cell phones and other devices must be silenced when in the courtroom.
  • While cameras are typically not allowed in the courthouse, their use has been authorized for this ceremony.
  • No weapons, drugs or other illegal items are allowed in the courthouse.
  • Visitors may not bring liquids into the courthouse. Drinking fountains are available.

Additional information about the courthouse, including parking information and directions, can be found on the Seattle courthouse and Tacoma courthouse pages.