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C70-9213-RSM Exhibit Lists

Court admitted exhibits indicate the code letter only; magistrate or special master admitted exhibits are indicated by the code letter followed by -M or -SM.

Unless otherwise specified, these exhibit lists are PDF files.

Master Exhibit List for 9213 (2/19/1999)
COHO Exhibits
Previously Admitted Exhibits in Subproceeding 89-3

C/A Carter/Adkins
D All Defendant's Exhibits
DU Duwamish Tribe
F Fisheries Department
F-M Fisheries Department
G Game Department
G-M Game Department
H Hoh Tribe
JC Jamestown S'Klallam
JX Joint Exhibits
L Lummi Tribe
L-M Lummi Tribe
LE Lower Elwha S'Klallam
MK Makah Tribe
MK-M Makah Tribe
MLQ Muckleshoot, Lummi, and Quileute Tribes
MS Muckleshoot, Squaxin Island, Skokomish, Sauk-Suiattle, & Stillaguamish Tribes
MU Muckleshoot Tribe
NK Nooksack Tribe
NQ Nisqually Tribe
NQ-M Nisqually Tribe
PG Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe
PL All Plaintiff's Exhibits
PSSG Puget Sound Shellfish Growers
PU Puyallup Tribe
PU-M Puyallup Tribe
QL Quileute Tribe
QL-M Quileute Tribe
QN Quinault Indian Nation
QN-M Quinault Indian Nation
RN Reefnetters Association
RN-M Reefnetters Association
SA Samish Tribe
SA-M Samish Tribe
SC Steilacoom Tribe
SC-M Steilacoom Tribe
SG Stillaguamish Tribe. No exhibit list. Designation reserved for future use.
SH-CH-M Shoalwater/Chehalis Tribes
SI Squaxin Island Tribe
SI-M Squaxin Island Tribe
SK Skokomish Tribe
SK-SM Skokomish Tribe
SNH Snohomish Tribe
SNH-M Snohomish Tribe
SPS Suquamish, Puyallup, Swinomish Tribes. No exhibit list. Designation reserved for future use.
SNQ Snoqualmie Tribe
SNQ-M Snoqualmie Tribe
SS Sauk-Suiattle Tribe. No exhibit list. Designation reserved for future use.
STC Swinomish Tribal Community
SU Suquamish Tribe
SU-M Suquamish Tribe
SWA Swinomish Aboriginal Tribe. No exhibit list. Designation reserved for future use.
T Tulalip Tribe
T-M Tulalip Tribe
UPOW United Property Owners (#89-3)
UPS Upper Skagit Tribe
USA United States of America
USA-M United States of America
W State of Washington
W-M State of Washington
Y Yakima Tribe