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About Juries

Jury service is one of the most important civic duties you can perform. The protection of rights and liberties in federal courts largely is achieved through the teamwork of judge and jury. 


We the People: The Honor of Jury Service
This 19 minute video includes testimonials from citizens who previously served as jurors describing their experiences during the trial, explains the juror selection process and discusses the importance of serving on a jury. The People's Panel is a similar video for grand jury service.




The Handbook for Trial Jurors in the Federal Courts (PDF) is a short booklet which explains the role jurors play in the American justice system.  The stages of a trial and juror conduct are also covered.  The Grand Jury Handbook (PDF) explains the role and responsibilities of grand jurors.

The Western District of Washington's Local Jury Plan (PDF) describes how the court selects grand and petit (trial) juries from a cross section of the community.

This site's About the Federal Courts page provides information about the overall federal court system.

Visit the U.S. Courts site for more jury information, or contact the court's jury staff if you have any questions.