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Pro Bono Panel

The Program
Pro se plaintiffs in Civil Rights Act, Employment, Immigration, and other cases often apply for the appointment of counsel. This Panel has been established for the purpose of providing counsel for individuals who do not have the means to obtain counsel on their own. A Screening Committee of lawyers review the merits of each case in which a plaintiff applies for counsel. The court generally appoints counsel only in cases approved by the Screening Committee.

If you are representing yourself and need assistance, please review the Court’s pro se resources found on the Representing Yourself page. Please note that the Pro Bono Committee Co-Chairs and members themselves do not provide pro bono legal representation to pro se litigants. The Committee instead works to (1) help the Court screen cases already pending in the Western District of Washington to determine if appointing counsel is appropriate and (2) to identify pro bono counsel from a panel of volunteers after the assigned Judge grants an application for pro bono counsel to be appointed.

The Benefits
Panel participation offers a unique opportunity for experience in civil litigation in federal court and has proven to be very beneficial to newer lawyers. In addition, the court has funds available to defray some expenses, and the King County Bar Association provides malpractice coverage for Panel attorneys.

If interested, please fill out the Pro Bono Application (PDF) and return it to the Clerk's Office. Be sure to also read the Pro Bono Plan (PDF) and Pro Bono Panel Rules (PDF).


You may contact the following people if you have questions:

Claire McNamara
Pro Bono Committee Co-Chair
Phone: (520) 624-0126

Rose McCarty
Pro Bono Committee Co-Chair
Phone: (206) 757-8193

Emily Nero
Pro Bono Coordinator
United States District Court
700 Stewart Street, Suite 2310
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 370-8482