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Tools for Students & Teachers

For more information on the court's educational outreach programs, please contact:

Chief Deputy Clerk Lori Landis
(206) 370-8483

Court Programs


Other Tools and Resources

Educational Resources
The US Courts website contains an abundance of educational resources from basic court information about courts to social media and student speech rights. The 9th Circuit Courts & Community Committee site has pictures and resports from educational programs across the western United States.

Mock Trial Script
Designed to be completed in one 50 minute class period, this mock trial is appropriate for grades 6-12. This is an interesting case which challenges students to focus on objective information.

iCivics is a web site providing games, information and teaching materials designed to increase students' civic knowledge and participation. It was created by former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Conner after her retirement from the court.

Inside the Federal Courts
The Federal Judicial Center has created this overview of how federal courts are organized and the internal processes that take place every day.  

Legal Terms
Legal jargon can be tough to decipher. Check out the US Courts' thorough Glossary of Legal Terms for help.