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Filing Procedures in the Event of Technical Failure on the Part of the Court

Technical Failure of CM/ECF

In the event that the Court declares a Technical Failure of the CM/ECF filing system as defined in the ECF Filing Procedures, the Clerk’s Office will post an Announcement on this website’s homepage and send an e-mail to registered users to alert users to the outage. The resolution of the Technical Failure will be announced in the same manner.


Filing via E-mail

When the Court declares a Technical Failure users may file their pleadings via email to the following address:

Filing via email will commence only upon the Court’s declaration of a Technical Failure of the CM/ECF system and will end upon the Court’s announcement of the resolution of the Technical Failure. Any documents sent to this email address outside of the Technical Failure time period identified by the Court will not be considered filed by the Court.

PDF documents filed via email must conform to all current requirements as outlined in the Local Rules and ECF Filing Procedures.

Documents filed via email will be considered received upon the date of receipt by the Court. They will be docketed by court staff once the CM/ECF Technical Failure has been resolved.