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Pro Hac Vice

Per LCR 83.1(d), if you are an out of state attorney and would like to appear Pro Hac Vice (PHV) in a case, you first must obtain local counsel. Both out of state and local counsel must complete the following steps before staff can process the application.

Pro Hac Vice Attorney Requirements Local Counsel Requirements

Pro Hac Vice Attorney Applicant must:

  1. Obtain local counsel (see local counsel requirements).
  2. Fill out all sections of the Application for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice (PDF) except for the Statement of Local Counsel.
  3. Send the Application to local counsel to complete.
  4. Submit a Pro Hac Vice access request from attorney account (see Pro Hac Vice Application Guide (PDF) for information on when this needs to be done).



Local Counsel must:

  1. Be admitted to practice before this Court.
  2. Have a physical office within the geographical boundaries of the Western District of Washington.
  3. Formally appear (LCR 83.2(a)) in the case in which the attorney files the Application.
  4. Complete and sign the Statement of Local Counsel section of the Application for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice signifying the attorney has read and understands their responsibilities as local counsel.
  5. Electronically file and pay the fee for the completed application (either Civil or Criminal), under Other Documents, then select Application for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice.

Please also see our ECF Filing Procedures and CM/ECF page for more information about electronic filing in this district.

Questions about this process, or any admissions related questions, should be directed to the Attorney Admissions Clerk at or (206) 370-8433.