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Payment and Reimbursement

A check will be mailed to you within two weeks of serving as a juror. You are only paid for days you are actually required to appear during your term of jury service.


Attendance payment
All jurors receive $50 per day for each day that they appear. Trial (petit) jurors recieve $60 per day after their 10th day of service. Grand jurors recieve $60 per day after their 45th day of service.


Transportation expenses
57.5 cents per mile (effective January 1st, 2020) is paid round-trip from your home to the courthouse.
Mileage to the Seattle courthouse | Mileage to the Tacoma courthouse

Bus fare, ferry tickets, toll bridge and parking lot charges are fully reimbursed. Receipts are not required.
Parking near the Seattle courthouse | Parking near the Tacoma courthouse


Overnight expenses
Jurors living more than 60 miles away from the courthouse may qualify for hotel and meal expenses.