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Proposed Ninth Circuit Rule Changes


The attached rule change proposals have been posted on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' website for public comment. Comments are due January 30.
The revisions to:
Circuit Rule 3-3(b), Preliminary Injunction Appeals;
Circuit Rule 26-1, Filing Deadlines for the Districts of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands;
Circuit Rule 26-2, Three Day Service Allowance; and
Circuit Rule 31-2.1, Time for Service and Filing
essentially mirror the December 2016 FRAP 26(c) revisions that eliminated additional time for filing where service is made electronically, and anticipate and adopt the related FRAP planned revisions for December 2018 that will provide a presumptive deadline of 21 days rather 14 days for reply briefs. If ultimately approved by the Court, these rules would become effective June 1, 2017.