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Programs & Services

For help, please contact
the Clerk's Office

(206) 370-8400 (Seattle)
(253) 882-3800 (Tacoma)
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
    Options other than taking a case to trial including mediation and arbitration
  • Attorney Admissions
    Information on applying for admission to practice in the Western District of Washington
  • Cameras in the Courtroom
    Information regarding the court's pilot project, including forms and instructions
  • Case Information/Copy Requests
    Requesting copies of documents and other information on archived cases.
  • Financial Information
    Information on court fees and payment options
  • Interpreters
    Becoming an interpreter in the Western District of Washington as well as instructions for requesting interpreter services
  • Tickets (CVB)
    How to respond to citations, or tickets, issued on federal property in Western Washington processed by the Central Violations Bureau