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Disability Access & Accommodations

The Western District of Washington is committed to a policy of equal access to court facilities and services and provides reasonable accommodations, with advanced notice, when appropriate. 

Questions/Disability Access & Accommodations Coordinators 

  • For all prospective jurors, District-wide: Kris Porter, Jury Administrator, (206) 370-8408
  • For litigants, witnesses and visitors in Seattle: Kris Porter, Jury Administrator, (206) 370-8408
  • For litigants, witnesses and visitors in Tacoma: Pat Sherwood, Deputy in Charge, (253) 882-3808


Accommodations Guidelines and Request Form


Private Rooms for Lactation-Related Needs

Lactation rooms are available, upon request, for nursing mothers in the Seattle and Tacoma courthouses.  If you have business in the courthouse and need an accommodation, please contact in advance the Disability Access and Accommodations Coordinator in Seattle or Tacoma.


Courthouse Screening and Entry

Please note that official government photo identification, such as a driver’s license or state I.D. is required to enter the courthouses in Seattle and Tacoma.

When you arrive at the courthouse in Seattle or Tacoma, you will be required to pass through a metal detector and you may be asked to temporarily remove your shoes, belts, jewelry and other metal items.   Individuals with pacemakers or cochlear implants my request screening via a hand-held wand.

No food or liquids are allowed past the security checkpoint.


Building Access Information for Each Courthouse

The main entrance to the Seattle Courthouse on Stewart Street is wheelchair accessible.

Both the front and rear entrances to the Tacoma Courthouse are wheelchair accessible. 



The Seattle Courthouse does not have a public parking lot.  There is limited street parking near the courthouse, which is free for vehicles with a disability placard.  There are a number of parking garages within a few blocks of the courthouse.

Parking is available at the north end of the courthouse behind the Tacoma Art Museum and fees may paid via credit/debit or online app.  There is also a parking lot to the south of the courthouse located behind the Washington State History museum; fees may be paid via credit/debit card only.