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CM/ECF Training Videos

The following videos offer additional assistance with filing cases and documents in this Court. All material should be used in tandem with the required rules and procedures outlined on the Getting Started page.

Recorded Trainings
(These videos contain images, text, and audio)

CM/ECF Attorney Training (1 hour 58 minutes) [Video/PDF/Resources]


Filing Quick Training
(These videos contain images and text only, no audio)

How to Log Into CM/ECF (38 Seconds) [Video/PDF]
How to Navigate CM/ECF (3 minutes 40 seconds)[Video/PDF]
How to File a Motion (3 minutes) [Video/PDF]
How to Upload a Document (4 minutes 24 seconds) [Video/PDF]


Filing In-Depth
(These videos contain images, text, and audio)

Adding Parties, Party Text, and Aliases (Total: 18 mins.) [Full Video: Video/Instructions]

  1. Introduction to Adding Parties: when to add, what to add, and navigation basics (4mins) [Video]
  2. Preparing to Add Parties (2 mins) [Video]
  3. Search for Parties (2 mins) [Video]
  4. Adding Party Information (4 mins) [Video]
  5. Adding Aliases (2 mins) [Video]
  6. Adding Attorneys (4 mins) [Video]
  7. Final Review and Resources (1 min) [Video]