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Remote Hearing Information for Attorneys

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Attorneys will receive a web meeting invitation for the hearing. The web meeting will start 30 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time to allow time for setup and audio/video check. Joining at the beginning of the web meeting is required for all participants.

The only attendees required to have their video on are the judge and the defendant. Counsel may also have their video on, if they so choose. All other attendees, please verify your video setting is set to off once joining the conference. The call-in information for the public is located on the courthouse website at Access to Hearings.

WebEx Instructions (Word document)

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WebEx Training Videos


Zoom Trial Handbook for Attorneys

Zoom Training Videos

Excerpt Conducting Remote Hearing with Zoom Training Videos 

All parties will be given access to the appropriate file share to upload documents, audio, and video to the court.