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Central Violations Bureau (CVB) Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am in the military and am being deployed, can I have a hearing date that is sooner?

    Please contact the court via to request a date prior to your deployment.

  • What should I bring to court?

    You must bring a valid ID to enter a federal building. Bring your citation and/or notice to appear. You can also bring any information that you believe will be helpful.

  • Can I appear remotely for my hearing?

    Your initial appearance before the court must be in person. In some situations, the Court may consider a request to appear by videoconference for subsequent hearings. Word templates to request remote appearance are available: For attorneys | for people representing themselves ("pro se")

  • What rules and procedures govern CVB proceedings?

    Counsel and pro se defendants in CVB cases are advised to be familiar with the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure  and the Local Criminal Rules of the Western District of Washington, both of which apply to misdemeanors and petty offenses.

  • Am I able to have counsel appointed for me by the court?

    If you are financially unable to afford counsel, the court may appoint counsel to represent you in accordance with 18 U.S.C. 3006(a) and (b). Completion of the form CJA-23 (Financial Affidavit) does not guarantee that the court will approve appointment of counsel. Any and all information that is provided by you will remain confidential, but may be used by the court in the determination of your case.