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Chief Magistrate Judge J. Richard Creatura Chambers Procedures


Chambers Procedures

Guidelines for Participating in Remote Hearings

  • Dress as if you were in court.  Of course, there is no need to stand when addressing the judge.
  • Please be in a quiet area, with minimal background noise.  Place your computer on mute during larger meetings, if you are not speaking.  This will cut down on distracting background sounds. 
  • Make sure that you are front lit, and not back lit, as it makes it easier for other participants to see you.  Also, cover any windows that may appear behind you on the screen.  Avoid harsh overhead lighting in the background, as well.
  • Please try not to speak while another person is speaking.  Otherwise, the technology doesn’t provide clear coverage of the conversation.
  • Use of a headset is often helpful in screening out noise and facilitating clear transmission.  So, if you have one, you should try it out before the hearing.  

Role of Magistrate Judges

Pronoun Usage

“The words used in court—whether by a judge or anyone else—matter, as does a respectful and inclusive tone. The use of pejorative terms, incorrect gender-signifying pronouns, or the use of a transgender person’s former name can indicate disrespect, ignorance, or bias. It is not enough for a judicial officer to use inclusive language. The judge and all court personnel must ensure that all participants in the legal process show respect to one another."  See Q Law Foundation of Washington, Judges’ Bench Guide on the LGBTQ Community and the Law, at 21 (3d. Edition 2017).  The Court asks that parties advise the Court of their pronouns and form of address.