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Grand Jury Service

Juror Resources

Please contact the court if you have any questions about jury service.

Jurors are paid for their time and expenses. Those living more than 60 miles from the courthouse may also be eligible to stay in a local hotel.

Those called to jury service have certain rights under the Employment Protection Statute.

Learn more about being a juror and the federal courts.

Courthouse information including direction and parking: Seattle | Tacoma

Submitting your form
If you've recently received a summons to appear for Grand Jury Service, you have been called upon to perform a very important civic responsibility. 

You'll know if you've received a grand jury summons if the term of service is 18 months long.  Otherwise, you've most likely been summoned for trial, or petit, jury service where our standard term of service is a two week call-in term.

Please use eJuror to submit your Jury Information Form online. You may also use eJuror to request a hardship postponement. The form can also be mailed to the court.


Do you have a hardship with serving?
You may request a postponement of your service using eJuror or by returning the Jury Information Form. Please use eJuror for faster processing. Follow the call-in instructions on your summons to determine if your request was granted.  

If you have already returned your Jury Information Form, please contact the court by e-mail and explain why it is a hardship for you to serve at this time. You will receive a reply back granting or denying your request.


Grand Jury FAQs

Your summons and jury service

Your first day of jury service


Your Summons and Jury Service

Can I respond to my summons online?
Yes. You may use eJuror to respond to your summons.


Must I return the Jury Information Form, if I’m not asking for an excuse?
Yes. Your response lets us know that you received your summons and are available to serve.

I returned my Jury Information Form, but now have a hardship.  Is it too late?
It isn't too late.   Contact us by e-mail as soon as possible and explain in writing why it is a hardship for you to report or serve as a grand juror.  Do not assume that your request is granted until you hear back from the court. 


What if I fail to appear for jury service?
If you are not excused by the court, you may be served with an Order to Show Cause by the U.S. Marshal’s Office, which means you may have to appear to explain why you should not be held in contempt of the court pursuant to the Jury Selection and Service Act.

Contempt penalties range from a $1,000 fine, imprisoned not more than three days, ordered to perform community service, or any combination thereof. See U.S.C. 28 Section 1866(g).

I don’t live in King County - Can I serve at the court near me?
No.  This is a Federal court that only has locations in Seattle and Tacoma.   We are required by statute to summon from the 19 counties that make up the Western district of Washington.  Because of this, we are unable to transfer your service to another court.

Can my employer fire me for not working because of jury duty?
You do have certain rights while serving as a juror. Please see our Employment Protection Statute page for more information.  Your employer may also find this information helpful. At the end of the week's sessions, you will be offered a Certificate of Attendance letter for each day of service.

I lost my summons, what should I do?
Contact the court as soon as possible so that we can mail you a new summons. 


I live a great distance from the court, can I stay overnight?
You may spend the night and be reimbursed for your expenses if you live at least 60 miles from your home to the courthouse.

I already performed jury service this year - I thought I only had to do it once?
We do not have a provision that excuses you if you've recently served for another court.  However, if you've served at a federal court (United States Court) within the past two years, we can excuse you.  Please provide written proof, such as an attendance certificate, or contact us for verification.

How do I notify the court in the event of an emergency?
We would not expect you to report if a family or medical emergency arises over the weekend prior to your reporting date.  Contact us by e-mail as soon as possible.


Your First Day of Jury Service

What should I expect on the first day I report?
You will report for a grand jury impanelment as part of a group of prospective jurors. You will know that day whether you will begin serving starting on the date indicated on your summons.

Where is the court located?
Please see the Seattle Courthouse and Tacoma Courthouse pages.


Where should I park?
Both courthouses have several public parking lots withing three blocks. 

Parking fees are paid by you but we will fully reimburse you within two weeks that the expense was incurred.  Do not leave your car parked in a metered space. You will not have time to leave to feed the meter and the court is not responsible for parking tickets.

What if I’m late?
It is extremely important that you report on time. Especially since the entire court proceeding can be delayed due to the tardiness of just one juror.

Can my family reach me by phone while I’m serving?
Yes.  However, we have a policy of protecting a juror’s identity.  Therefore, we will not confirm with anyone that you are currently serving.  We will take non-urgent messages depending on the circumstances, but we usually take emergency messages only.

Will food or refreshments be provided?
The court does not provide food, just coffee and tea.   There are vending machines with snacks and beverages and the courthouse has an onsite cafe. Microwaves and refrigerators are available for your use.  A list of area restaurants will be also be provided when you report.

Can I bring my cell phone and laptop computer?
Yes.  We have free wifi in the jury assembly room for jurors who choose to bring their laptops.  There are two computers with internet access provided as a courtesy for jurors as well. These machines are subject to availability.

Can I bring my children?
No. Since you will be participating in an official court proceeding, you will not be able to provide proper supervision. If you are unable to make arrangements for child care, please contact the jury staff or follow your instructions on your summons to request a postponement.

What should I wear to jury service?
All jurors should wear appropriate attire, such as comfortable casual or business apparel. Please bring a sweater or jacket since the courtroom is often very cool.

Will I be reimbursed for my expenses when I show up?
No.  We will mail you a check at least every two weeks while you are serving.  If you have a financial hardship with paying for parking or hotel expenses, please contact a member of the jury staff prior to reporting. More information is on the Payment and Reimbursements page.