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Courtroom Basics


Please note that there are some differences in the equipment and placement of items between courthouses and courtrooms.

Seattle podiumPodium

The podium has a touch panel monitor, document camera, and microphone. Additionally, there are connections available for a laptop.

Witness standWitness stand

The witness stand contains a touch panel monitor and microphone.

Attorney tablesAttorney tables

You will find monitors as well as input connections at the attorney tables.  Depending on the courtroom, each well contains a connection for a laptop.

Jury boxJury box

The jury box contains monitors to allow jurors easy viewing of displayed items.

Assisted listening equipmentAssisted listening equipment

All courtrooms can accommodate equipment to assist the hearing impaired as well as providing translation services when necessary.  If this equipment is needed, please contact the judge's courtroom deputy who will make the necessary arrangements.

Courtroom Technology

For requests or other help with courtroom technology, please contact your courtroom deputy. He or she will contact IT personnel if necessary.