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How to E-File

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Support is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

See the Holidays page for information about Court closures.

CM/ECF Training
Videos are available on e-filing topics.
Classes are held monthly and by special arrangement.

This court upgraded to the latest version (Next Generation) of the CM/ECF filing system on January 27, 2020. For more information about what that means for you, go to our NextGen page.

Getting Started

Review the Getting Started page to ensure you are in compliance with all rules, procedures, and general orders.


Filing Resources

  • Electronic Filing Procedures (PDF; revised April 2024):
    Instructions and requirements for filing in this court. All filers must be familiar with and comply with the ECF Filing Procedures when filing with this court.
  • CM/ECF User Manual (PDF; revised April 2023):
    • Technical Requirements
    • CM/ECF Navigation
    • Attach and upload PDF documents
    • Notice of Electronic Filings
    • Viewing restricted documents
    • General Court Information


CM/ECF Filing How-To Guides Filing Tools



Case Opening:


Other Filings:


  • Civil Case Opening:
    Provides information on opening a civil case and notice of removal in this court including step-by-step case opening instructions.
  • Emergency Filings       
    Provides information for submitting emergency filings such as Motions for Temporary Restraining Order.
  • Miscellaneous Actions 
    Provides information on what constitutes a miscellaneous action and the process to file such an action.
  • Special Case Notices:
    Provides information on special cases including filing procedures for the "Boldt Fishing Case" (C70-9213-RSM).




CM/ECF E-Filing Training
CM/ECF Training Videos

CM/ECF In-Person Training Classes

  • Checkout upcoming in-person training dates.
  • Request a group training.